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Check out my icons made on my phone:

Angry Baby - Chat Icon (FNAF Sister Location) Peek-A-Boo Phantom Freddy - Chat Icon (FNAF 3) Markiplier Jumpscare - Chat Icon [TNAR] N. Fredbear - GARBAGE - Chat Icon [FNAF 4]Markiplier - Woah, Woah, Woah... - Chat Icon  Funtime Foxy - Deal With It - Chat Icon [FNAF SL] Golden Freddy - Middle Finger - Chat Icon [FNAF] Baby Intensifies - FNAF SL Chat Icon N. Chica - Nailed It (FNAF 4 Chat Icon) Freddy...Dancing? - FNAF Chat IconNightmare Freddy - TRIGGERED - FNAF 4 Chat IconFNAF SL - Funtime Freddy Chat Icon Parade Of Exotic Butters (FNAF SL Meme Chat Icon) 

Icon source:

So, here's a random icon. XD

I'm sad now since I remembered. My old phone is going away in 7 days. :(

It's because I have my iPhone from Sprint and so...what's the point of keeping a prepaid phone anyways if you have a nicer phone?

I'm hoping to get this old Kyocera sold between $10-$15. Cheap, but it still runs fine and has no issues.

Well, the only issue I fails to download stuff sometimes, but this is only if the phone hasn't been rebooted for a long time, like 10 hours or more.

Solution: Simply restart it and the next time you download the same thing, it should be fine.

When I say goodbye to this thing...RIP in pepperoni, GoPhone.

No one will miss you.

(This was the phone I also made all my icons on...a Kyocera Hydro Wave. Gotta learn how to make one on my iPhone. It might be a little harder, considering it's an iOS and the system is different than an Android.)

Also, I'm excited for tonight.

A small town nearby where we live (called Matherville) is having their 4th of July fireworks tonight. Yes, it's the 3rd here in my area, but having it on this day is something that town always loved to do. Not sure why, but maybe just to be nice enough to give families time to spend the 4th together after fireworks have already been seen.

Yeah, this town only has like 700+ people and I've went to the school in this town for 5th and 6th grade.

If I remember right, they shoot the fireworks behind the lake they have on the edge of town.

But yeah...

FNAF and Freddy © Scott Cawthon
Icon © Me


Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Never claim as your own, or you will immediately be reported.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! You may use as a profile pic (or just use in general in comments, journals, etc.) but don't be smart and say your profile pic with my very icon was one you created on your own (trust me, those kinds of people are out there who just steals icons like that.)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Remember that sometimes I'm always watching what people are posting under a tag, which I post one of my icons under. If my icon was uploaded by another user and they don't give credit, I will talk it out with them. Yes, if someone out there is a stealer with art, just keep in mind that I will be watching out for that. (I did catch someone one time, but they actually had a reason to re-upload it.) I'm like an "art stealer watchdog" about once or twice  a week, making sure no one is stealing my art.
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Polarized-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
What the genuine derp?
lizzychan02 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016
Chica: Freddy did you eat all my pizza?
erihamster2 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Freddy: Derp Freddy - 'Nope' - Chat Icon [FNAF] 
lizzychan02 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016
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